Why Should I Use OneNote?

OneNote is a note-taking application. It is a collection of all your notes, which can be organized separately in different notebooks, under different sections. It is compatible with many digital formats. We can store multimedia as well as simple text in the form of notes. Users can write any information which they want to store in the form of simple text, multimedia, recordings, drawings, videos, etc. 

Some Of The Main Benefits Of OneNote Include:

✓ You can make use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to import images.

✓ Real-time collaboration.

✓ Access revisions & track changes.

✓ Securely store information.

✓ You can use it on any device & major Operating System.

✓ Now Access Anywhere.

✓ Scan handwritten notes & convert them to text.

✓ Touch capability to draw into the system.

✓ Supports multimedia.

✓ Record audio & video into your notebook.

✓ Integrate with Microsoft apps & plugins.

✓ Drag and Drop Files.

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Why Is OneNote Ideal For Business?

Microsoft OneNote has become an important tool for businesses as it has made storing and sharing information easy. It is very user-friendly and the characteristics of OneNote are the major reason for its success.

It has also helped businesses to store ideas in form of text or multimedia which saved a lot of time and helped businesses to focus on work more rather than on planning.

  • We can share it with colleagues and see each other’s ideas thus enabling efficient collaboration.
  • Colleagues are able to access shared documents no matter where they are and they can also add to them.
  • As OneNote can be accessed by multiple users but it leaves no stone unturned in protecting confidential business material.
  • We can also share these notes with other users using OneNote through any network.
  • Your Company can Rapidly Approach relevant planning information.
  • Teammates can see each other’s plans enabling well planned cooperation.
  • It is the best platform for integrating a range of media types.

How Does OneNote Organize Your Material?

OneNote is a very effective tool for businesses. It can be just used as paper notebooks. We can organize information in OneNote as we organize it in paper notebooks. We can create a notebook on OneNote and within the notebook. we can also create different sections to organize our notes. Thus we have numerous pages to store our notes under as many sections as we want.