PowerPoint – Benefits and Errors



Microsoft PowerPoint is a very useful application for school/offices and general situations. PowerPoint is an incredible presentation developed by Microsoft. Users can opt to create anything from scratch slide shows to complex presentations. It is a useful application that helps in making presentations, slide shows PPT, PDF, etc. PowerPoint is regularly used to create business presentations but can also be used for other purposes. We can make a template in powerPoint presentations that include a background color or image a standard can be saved to a master slide stored on the main slide and then use in the presentation.

While introducing a PowerPoint introduction, the moderator may decide to have the slides change at preset spans or may choose to control the stream physically. This should be possible by utilizing the mouse and console. The flow of the presentation can be extra customized by having slides load completely or one bullet at a time. For example, if the user has various points on a page, he might have individual points appear when he clicks the mouse. This allows more connection with the viewers and brings greater focus to each point.


  1. Customize color schemes: If you create a new color scheme then use certain elements as such as the button elements this allows you to utilize the color scheme exclusively on the element.
  2. Create and edit tables: After creating a table you can insert and combine columns and rows to edit a table.
  3. Manage hyperlinks: A hyperlink is a word, term, or image that you can click on to jump to a new document or a new section within the current document. Hyperlinks are established in nearly all Web pages, accepting users to click their way from page to page.
  4. Text hyperlinks are usually underlined and blue but don’t have to be. When shifting your mouse cursor over a hyperlink, whether it is an image or a text, the arrow should change to a small arrow pointing at the link. When you click it, a new page or location on the current page will open. For more visit office.com/setup.

Some Common Issues /Errors Users Face while using PowerPoint

  1. TOO MUCH TEXT: The mistake found in PowerPoint presentations is normally the amount of text used in a slide. Because they want to bring more information about a subject, educators fill the slides with text, even with unrelated information, leaving no space for images or other visible media.
  2. SHARING BARRIER: However, when there is a significant amount of text in a presentation, the viewers prefer to read it, paying more attention to it rather than the educate others. For example, see the following slides. Which one is more frustrating to you?
  3. BAD FONTS: In the presentation, text font plays an important role. A font with narrow letters or with italic, Arial and Calibri are the most used in PowerPoint presentation. When creating a presentation, you must take into account to make it user friendly so that they can understand what you are sharing. Visit office.com/setup.