Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard – Features and Specifications.

Microsoft Whiteboard is a collaborative whiteboard tool that enables Microsoft users to exchange ideas rapidly with others. It gives you and your team the ability to draw or write as if they were on a traditional whiteboard, but with a lot more functionality.

Writing your ideas on a whiteboard is the best way to present them visually. Check out Microsoft Whiteboard if you haven’t already! It uses digital pens, post-its, and other items to recreate the dynamic of that beloved melamine wall.

Because of the interaction between these different applications, Whiteboard is particularly handy if you already use other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Teams and OneNote. It’s also “free” in the sense that it’s included with your Microsoft 365 subscription, unlike rival whiteboarding applications like Mural and Miro (you need to be a paying member for these platforms).


  • The limitless surface area allows you to unleash your creativity and provides plenty of room for everyone to share their thoughts.
  • You can see where everyone is on the board and what changes they make, such as adding images, sticky notes, or diagrams.
  • You can create smooth gestures with your fingertips or draw small details with a pencil using pen first and touch-first technology. Slide your fingertips through the various parts of the tray, rotate the virtual ruler to the proper angle, and drag and drop images to create a stack of photos using your fingers.
  • Intelligent Ink identifies and converts your drawings into standard shapes, making it simple to create visually appealing tables, charts, and block diagrams.
  • This program stores your boards automatically so you can pick up where you left off, or you can share links to your boards so others can utilize them in their work.

Microsoft has announced that the Microsoft Whiteboard app in Teams and Whiteboard on the Web will now feature Sticky Notes and Text. Please keep in mind that the capabilities listed above are already available on Windows 10 and iOS.These new features, according to Microsoft, make it easier than ever to keep the creative process rolling with your team or class digitally.

Sticky notes

Sticky notes allow you to rapidly add thoughts and criticism to the canvas, which is especially useful if you don’t have access to a digital pen. It can be inserted into particular locations using the toolbar or by right-clicking on the canvas.


Text objects are useful for giving structure to a canvas, such as an agenda or details.Text objects can be added using the toolbar or by right-clicking on the canvas and selecting “Insert Text Object Here.”

Select and move objects

When organising ideas, tasks, or other information on the canvas, you can move and reorder things.

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